GSENetwork: Blockchain Transformation of the Sharing Economy

The creation of digital currency called bitcoin using the blockchain technology a few years back has brought about immense change in the digital world. It is perhaps no doubt that a greater percentage of the world population is yet to embrace this technology and the use of digital currencies, yet, its introduction has revolutionalized a lot of sectors that have adopted the blockchain technology. the agriculture sector, financial, entertainment power sector are some of the sectors that is taking advantage of this technology to contribute immensely to worldwide development.

In this light of increasing adoption, GSENetwork is exploring the blockchain technology to create a state of the art economy sharing platform. GSENetwork is a project that is aimed to solve the several challenges facing the data sharing economy.

Some of the problem faced by the data sharing economy include;
  • • high transaction fees
  • • lack of benefits for individuals in the ecosystem
  • • lack of a risk management plan
  • • lack of trust in the existing system
GSENetwork project is focused on addressing these stated problems by restoring trust between parties in the economy sharing ecosystem by exploring the peculiarity of the blockchain technology which provides a transparent operating ground.

Some of the key features of the GSENetwork decentralized economy sharing system that will help the platform achieve its objective are;

• A Decentralized Service (DService) network that will be designed in this ecosystem to enabler smooth sharing economy businesses on the blockchain by providing a robust distributed service infrastructure for industries to build on. This decentralized service together with a DPoS consensus protocol will function as one component of the platform that will be useful in the integration of a message delivery system, to guard the system against fraud, and to create a transparent pricing medium. The decentralized Service platform will also provide developers the opportunity to create a decentralizes app that allows users easy access to products and create their own listings in the ecosystem.

• An incentive model for users is created using a Green Mining strategy of the GSE token, with this system, all the transactions carried out in the system will be a reward based one. This mining will lead to the redistribution of the externalities created by the ecosystem back to the contributors. This will encourage partnership to allow more people to participate in the sharing economy and benefit from the model.

• A reliable trust network created to increase the involvement of more users. This will enable the network to design a trust profile for everyone. With the design of a clearly structured tokenomics model, GSENetwork would return the locus of control to the user to determine the quality and quantity of data provided to the network by participants, and in return, receive the respective incentivization.


The GSE Token is form of digital currency used in the GSENetwork, the token is useful for every transactions done in this system. This token will soon be sponsored by the Hash wallet system. Users can therefore get this token by joining treasure competition or by opening a treasure box in the system. The GSE token is already listed on some great exchanges like , Bit-Z and FCOIN. You can join the ongoing trading competition on Bit-z, check this tweet for more details


GSENetwork is here to revolutionize how individuals, businesses, NGOs and even the government exchange resources. Below are the major steps to achieve this:

• Decentralized Service
With GSENetwork Decentralized Service woven into the GSENetwork, users are assured of an Order Dispatching system, Antifraud, Multidimensional User Profile rating system and pricing system.

• Incentive Model
The GSENetwork introduced an incentivized reward feature where the network participants get rewarded for every transaction made on the system. The incentive is dynamic and encourage more user activity which results in an overall engagement with other users.

• Trust Network
As ealier stated, GSENetwork rewards users and this is achieved through the trust profile feature. The more a user activity and behavior, the higher the trust rating. Therefore the more trust rating, the more quality of data provided by a user, and the more interaction from other users.


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