NELUNS - New Generation Financial Ecosystem


Neluns is the progressive financial environment, pairing within itself a good lender that may do the job with fiat and cryptocurrencies, due to good as a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance provider, creating the best circumstances for the top quality expansion of the cryptocurrency market, the inflow of new participants and capital. With every single day, more and more persons become individuals of the cryptocurrency market. There will be today long lasting shareholders pursuing the get & keep approach, investors who partake in normal trading functions, and large cryptocurrency funds.

However, many persons even now reject going into the market. The absence of making use of cryptocurrencies within the bounds of business versions as very well as the absence of legislative action as access barriers for corporations. People usually don’t possess period or strength to review all of the market’s components and buy a cryptocurrency.

The existing projects try to fix separate problems, while in general, the situation basically does not really switch. Corresponding to our point of view, an extensive methodology is normally expected. We see the solution in creating a financial environment, an organization version which will come to be focused towards eliminating the concerns of all effective cryptocurrency industry members, as very well as taking away marketplace access barriers.

Neluns can achieve this aim through creating the most favorable circumstances, to broaden the alternatives of recent participants and open up gain access to to the cryptocurrency sphere for a good, great array of users. Neluns will turn into the cryptocurrency markets production catalyst.

The mission is to create a groundbreaking financial ecosystem, merging within itself a bank, that operates by fiat and cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, thereby, forming conditions for the quality development of the cryptocurrency industry and inflow of latest participants and new capital.

Neluns presents users a good comprehensive pool area of traditional business banking solutions, aimed in the quelling the financial necessities of personal and corporate goals. While at the same time, we generate available operations through fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Multicurrency IBAN stories and wallets will enable our clients to perform exchange functions in simply a few clicks.

The make use of the “Loan provider guarantee” principle allows us to create a quality, innovative cryptocurrency exchange. The blend of this principle with the application of groundbreaking technology produces the best conditions for cryptocurrency investors and money.

The Neluns mobile application for iOS and Androids make banking and exchange businesses accessible at any time from any part of the world. While at the same period, around the clock support offerings will quickly take care of users concerns.

The Neluns team members aim to minimize risks and build up the project in accordance with all legal norms. We happen to be taking out do the job on acquiring a business banking certificate. Neluns will comply with all FCA (Financial Do Power) and PRD (Prudential Management Authority) requirements, which cope with the issuance of permit and lender activity oversight on the place of the granted region. The exchange and insurance company, Neluns, will as well be recorded in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Concurrence with all benchmarks, provided by the Basil Committee on Business banking oversight (Basil III), guarantees stable system is working. The integration of SWIFT with repayment providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Exhibit), the application of IBAN will allow users to carry out a nearly free selection range of treatments, adding world-wide kinds. While at the same period, transfer costs happen to be at a minimal level, moves within the Neluns ecosystem will certainly not blank commissions.

They carried out a considerable amount of work; we have revealed the strong and weak sides of two financial worlds: banking system and banking on the Blockchain. The combination of the very best qualities, along with our personal groundbreaking alternatives will let us build a financial environment over the long term.

Token Neluns (NLS) are ERC20 tokens. NLS is a security token registered with the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission). It has a 50% dividend payment based on the ecosystem benefits of Neluns.
Dividends are paid every three months.
The formula for dividend payment depends on the number of tokens held and the total number of tokens in circulation.
There are advantages for those who hold NLS tokens and use Neluns ecosystem products. The advantage depends on the number of tokens owned. The greater the amount of profits, the more tempting.
Token supply is 200M NLS
The token price is 1 USD
The Neluns team will submit the Form D (official notification of the ICO start) to SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) within 15 days after the ICO begins.

Neluns ICO stages (rounds)

Hard Cap - $ 2,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 500,000
1 stage (round), pre-sale, stage (round) 14 days long, from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.
30% bonus
40% extra-bonus investment more than 1 ETH in one transaction
50% extra bonus investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction

Hard Cap - $ 10,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 2,000,000
2 stages (round), pre-ICO, stage (round) 21 days long, from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.
20% bonus
30% extra bonus investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction
30% extra bonus investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction

Hard Cap - $ 112,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 10,000,000
3 stages (round), ICO, stage (round) 31 days long, from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018
10% bonus
20% extra bonus investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction
25% extra investment bonus of more than 10 ETH in one transaction