Saturn platform: direct cross-chain exchange of crypto assets

About Saturn

In the development of Saturn's atomic trade offerings, the challenge team is looking ahead to at the support of the community, that's represented by means of numerous million crypto gamers around the world. The list of crypto property will rely on the requirements of the network in the markets and our team will organize ordinary balloting, starting with the first stage of Token Sale, so that you can apprehend the potential of the markets and the need to expand the secondary market.

As the extent of belongings, drawn to Token Sale in alternate for XSAT tokens is formed, we are able to negotiate with representatives of the groups beneficiaries of those assets and speak with them the current troubles of asset liquidity. Teams of agencies interested in fixing the troubles of liquidity of property will receive partnership help in the shape of including belongings to the lists of trading gadgets. Saturn does not plan to price additional prices from organizations for turning in liquidity to current markets and new markets at the Saturn platform. Also, services for over-the-counter transactions and an auction will allow holders with high amount of assets to realize their property via our platform.

To in addition popularize the XSAT token and the Saturn platform, the team plans to enter into famous exchanges. Due to the shift in buying and selling volumes closer to decentralization, we assume to get a fair fee for the XSAT token so one can exclude possible manipulations. As the platform develops, the team intends to conduct a chain of studies so as to assist find new methods inside the development of the crypto marketplace and growth the liquidity of property. In carrying out research, we're awaiting on the support of our network, so that you can allow us to develop together. Another step toward popularization is the Primordial Liquidity program. New initiatives will obtain assistance from the Saturn team. Under this program, projects will obtain an audit of the token model on the way to acquire adequate remarks and an evaluation of the future token’s liquidity while it reaches the exchanges. It is planned to popularize the platform thru a marketing strategy, the use of the fund of bounty software. Moving elements of the product can be the community of crypto players, in addition to the preservation and development of product excellent on our element, consistent with the plan to create a brand new, liquid and safe over-the-counter marketplace.

Competitive advantages

Reduced risks in comparison with traditional exchanges. Sending crypto belongings to trade addresses, buyers agree with the protection of a 3rd partyTrusting crypto belongings to exchanges, one can't make sure that they're one hundred% secure. The exchanges reserve the proper to block price range without giving reasons, now and again freeze withdrawals and every so often near. Making transactions through the Swap protocol, gamers do no longer ship crypto assets to the trade. Coins stay in the purchaser's pockets until the phrases of the transaction are met via the counterparty. Increased security is the essential difference the Saturn method to making deals.

Speed. Saturn, due to the particularity of the software program structure, is as rapid as allow the blockchains of the exchanged property and the net connection. If we keep in mind the levels of the deposit and withdrawal of property for the example of Ethereum, at the conventional crypto-change.

The praise machine for the maker and the referral application is the attractive function of buying and selling at the Saturn platform. Since our product became developed through buyers and basically for buyers, we apprehend how hard it is to attract property for trading to a brand new platform. Being inside the occasions of a shortage of liquidity, to attract interest to the brand new alternate product, likely by way of fantastic implementation and reward program of unswerving clients.

Markets are divided according to the change specifics and transaction volumes. In addition to creating a conventional crypto alternate, the release of that's planned to be the closing object on our roadmap, the Saturn crew intends first of all to release services for primary players, traders and fee providers in cryptocurrencies. Having studied the specifics of transactions for distinct volumes, we recognized over the counter change services, in view of the growing call for for crypto belongings from expert traders. Increasingly famous by-product buying and selling units primarily based on costs of crypto assets, together with Bitcoin, growth the marketplace call for for secured futures assets. The goals of Saturn on this procedure are to make sure direct contact between the seller and the buyer and make certain the safety of the transaction in automatic mode while preserving the anonymity of the events.

Saturn’s Profit

Initially, the Swap protocol turned into created for atomic alternate most effective with the commissions of blockchain transactions. In the Saturn services there may be an additional fee, so one can be up to zero.2% for change transactions, 0.Five - five% for over the counter transactions and 1 - 5% for public sale transactions. The final commission phrases will be authorised by the point of the release Saturn's releases according with the roadmap. Also, for several assets, our employer will independently supply two-manner liquidity, making a earnings in the form of rate spreads.

How unique is the Saturn Platform?

It is unique because It provides a secure over the counter crypto-assets trading through the atomic protocol i.e from wallet to wallet with a third party warranty. It also ensures the buying and selling of large amount of crypto-assets at the best proposed prices. It seeks to create additional LIQUIDITY for low liquidity crypto-assets. Safe cross exchange as well as a convenient interface in your browser with good risk control by eliminating the transfer of cryptocurrency assets to the exchange making it a wallet to wallet transfer process at the shortest time possible.

The XSAT TOKENS is the utility token that will be used for transactions within the platform and which is important to the business model of the SATURN platform. It is an ERC-20 token with 75% planned to be sold during the token sale. Private sale begins November –December 2018 up to 250 000 000 XSAT. Price of 1 XSAT= $0.075, pre-sale price is at $0.1 per XSAT token and public sale price 1 XSAT= $0.125. accepted payments include BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, XMR, XRP, DASH. It will be used as a quotation asset in Saturn services. (For more ICO details see links below for more details), don’t let it pass you by. Truly amazing right? SATURN EXCHANGE/TRADING PLATFORM WILL BE THE TRADING PLATFORM amongst all trading platforms. Be a part of this great innovation be part of the SATURN PLATFORM.

Road Map

Escrow in December 2018
Saturn – a secure transactions between owners of crypto assets, with the guarantee of a third party – a direct exchange protocol.

OTC crosschain trading in December 2018
Selling and buying large amounts of crypto assets is not a problem anymore. Secure over-the-counter transactions via the atomic exchange protocol are relevant for high-amount holders of crypto assets, early investors and members of blockchain start-up teams.

OTC auction in 3Q 2019
Buying and selling large amounts of crypto assets at the best price offered. Security of transactions, setting of conditions for the order fulfillment and low commissions will make finding the seller or buyer more accessible and safer.

Exchange of atomic transactions in 4Q 2019
Saturn launches P2P trading based on the Swap protocol. Saturn – additional liquidity for crypto assets, secure cross-chain exchange and a convenient interface in your browser. API trading terminal.

Transactions with EURO and USD in 1-3Q 2020
Saturn is working on infrastructure for the exchange of fiat currencies in all directions: over-the-counter cross-chain trade, over-the-counter auction, atomic exchange.

Q3 2020
 Global provider of liquidity for crypto markets;u=1004676 Boys27