What Is Blockium?

Blockium is a economic gaming platform that makes use of blockchain science to make the gamers gaming experiences more competitive whilst trading in the inventory markets. The gaming platform will combine the pleasant of the gaming world and the investment area to offer a trading event where the gamers get rewards and incentives in the shape of crypto. All these elements will work under a decentralized peer-to-peer machine where traders get to compete against each other, with the winners taking crypto prizes.

Blockium – the special financial gamification platform, uniting stocks & crypto traders by means of launching an IEO on Bitforex exchange. Blockium affords the crowd with the progressive opportunity to execute financial buying and selling towards buddies & strangers and make large day by day profits. The neighborhood (30K users existing) will get incentives lower back from the platform in air-drop trading competitions, as nicely as for sharing, liking, writing or streaming content.

We are excited to announce that Blockium, a leading monetary gamification platform, will be launching an IEO with Bitforex, one of the leading decentralized exchanges in Asia.

The Blockium ICO platform provides monetary competitions on Stocks/Crypto/FX and indices from the top world exchanges so customers may additionally compete for prizes primarily based on real-time market data. Blockium presents its customers with a historical opportunity to execute their trading abilities against others (friends and strangers) in order to make daily profits. Our thinking creates the next generation of monetary buying and selling on line with marginal profit viable for customers based on the competition. On the basis of this mechanism, Blockium ICO is making financial trading attractive to every body with any budget.

Blockium: Blockchain Education Crypto Tournament Games

How Blockium Blockchain Education Crypto Tournament Games Works

The user will first want to get done with their registration earlier than accessing the gaming platform. Once within, the participant receives to select a contest degree relying on their degree of know-how and the anticipated rewards.

From the contest platform, the player now receives to create a stocks portfolio of the type of crypto that they prefer to invest in absolutely or trade. That is in hand with the ordinary stock market and foreign exchange gaming.

Blockium IEO Bitforex

Blockium, as a trading competition platform, is protecting its token technology event. A unique increase in the crypto industry, the platform will now not be imparting its tokens to the public through a smart contract or different means. Instead, the platform will be the use of what is called Initial Exchange Offering, or IEO. The supplying will be held with the partnership of Coineal, a crypto change platform.

The sale of Blockium tokens, BOK, will be run thru Coineal and Bitforex, where the alternate traded tokens will be used to increase funding for the Blockium platform. The imparting will now not only help the platform, however permit customers to invest in tokens that will upward jostle in value, in view that they will structure the monetization spine of the Blockium platform. Through the IEO, Blockium provides its users to be a part of its ecosystem and take ever more section in the competitions for greater economic rewards.

The token wears a BOK marker
Total offer: 650,000,000 tokens
Cost of one token: 0,023 $
Total allocated for sale: 52 000 000 000 BOK
Development based on ERC-20 protocol

The Blockium platform will be powered by means of its native token, the BOK. Available to backers via the crypto alternate Coineal, there will be 650,000,000 BOK tokens reachable for sale, representing around 8% of the total supply. The IEO has a hardcap of USD 1.2 million with one BOK token on hand for USD 0.023.



Finding an applicable way to reward gamers will inevitably have a huge impact on Blokcium's gameplay. With their well-established model, there are real benefits that players should take benefit of due to technological changes.

In general, I appreciated this project. He is very promising and with a strong team that is able to deliver it to the end. If you are involved in this project, then comply with the links below.

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